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Outstanding Alumni

AU Kam Shun, Macus

Higher Diploma in Fashion Branding and Promotion, Graduated in 2011

After graduated from HKDI, Macus Au finished BA (Hons) International Fashion Business of Nottingham Trent University. He is now working as Assistant Supervisor of a Italian fashion brand.

CHING Tze Shan

Higher Diploma in Fashion Image Design, Graduated in 2011

Ching Tze Shan is now working as Shanghai International Theme Parks Limited Cosmetology Manager

LAI Kit Ling

Higher Diploma in Fashion Image Design,Graduated in 2011

Lai Kit Ling won the Runner Up  Prize  of Avant Garde Section at the World of Wearable Art (WOW) , Wellington 2012.
畢業生黎潔玲於World of Wearable Art (WOW) 2012中取得了佳績。

LEUNG Ching Man, Hazel

Higher Diploma in Fashion Image Design, Graduated in 2011

Fashion, max and match have already what Hazel Leung fancy and enthuse about since childhood, thus she picked HKDI Fashion & Image Design as her tertiary study. She gained her very first fashion editorial shooting experience under a mentoriship programme in HKDI. This influenced her and eventually she has her first job in Zip Magazine as Fashion Styling Editor for 4 years after graduated. She is now working as Fashion Editor and Stylist in web-based media Beauty Exchange & MenClub.
梁靖雯從小便開始喜歡時裝及混搭。在一位高級編輯指導的工作坊中完成了人生第一次時裝編輯攝影後,便決心要投身時裝雜誌行業。於 ZIP magazine任職了4年時裝編輯及造型師後,現主力於網媒Beauty Exchange及MenClub擔任時裝編輯及造型師。

LEUNG Shing Yan, Syan

Higher Diploma in Fashion and Image Design, Graduated in 2011

Syan Leung, a fashion stylist and art director, He finished BA(Hons) in Fashion Styling and Phototgraphy Programme in London College of Fashion After graduated from HKDI. He worked as a Visual Merchandiser in JOYCE and a Fashion Coordinator in Calvin Klein. He especially enjoys working fashion editorials, having published his work in numerous magazines around the world. His clients also include celebrities, advertising agencies, and he even is the founder of Mindly.journal, the Hong Kong online blog magazine.
 梁承恩,90後形象設計師和美術指導。於香港知專設計學院畢業後, 梁承恩亦於倫敦藝術大學-倫敦時裝學院完成了時尚形象創作及推廣(榮譽)文學士課程。他曾於JOYCE擔任陳列設計師和Calvin Klein擔任時裝統籌。他現在與各地時裝雜誌,藝人,廣告公司合作,他也是香港網上雜誌Mindly.journal的創辦人。

 WONG Hiu Tung, Rys

HD in Fashion Image Design (Fashion Styling), Graduated in 2012

After graduated, Rys works as a fashion stylist in a Domestic Fashion Brand - Yishion Group Co Ltd for almost 4 years. She is now responsible for company's seasonal advertising promotion and Look Book shooting.
王曉彤畢業後於國內時裝品牌以純集團有限公司擔任時裝造型師一職近四年,負責公司的季度性廣告及Look Book拍攝。

TSUI Yat Sing, Angus

Higher Diploma in Fashion Design and Development, Graduated in 2013

Angus Tsui founded his namesake label - ANGUS TSUI in 2014 with a mission to promote and advocate environmental sustainability in the fashion industry while providing edgy styles and unique aesthetics. Apart from being a designer, he also established an educational project – ANCARES, coordinates sustainable workshops, seminars, and exhibitions on sustainability with different NGOs and enterprises.
ANGUS TSUI 成立於2014年,品牌創辦人暨創意總監徐逸昇有著前衛的設計及獨特的美學,並致力在社會及業界裡推廣可持續時裝的重要性。除了品牌設計系列外,徐逸昇同時成立了ANCARES企劃,與本港非牟利機構及大型企業組織相關的工作坊、講座和展覽,致力在社會教育層面普及可持續設計概念。

WU Ka Fung, Kyle

Higher Diploma in Fashion Design and Branding, Graduated in 2013

Kyle Wu has been very interested in the stunning editorial images since he was young and always fascinated by the dynamic and ever-changing fashion trends. He finished BA (Hons) in Fashion Styling and Photography programme in London College of Fashion after graduated from HKDI. In order to apply what he has learnt, he has worked as an intern at Polo Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and Elle magazine, and he is now a Sub Editor in Elle Hong Kong, obtaining a variety of working experiences, like visiting to Paris, Milan and New York for attending the fashion shows and in charge for the editorial shooting. He is experienced in interviewing various fashion insiders, such as fashion designers, top models and celebrities; by doing so, he consistently shares his thoughts via print and online media platform.
胡嘉峰從小對時裝雜誌上使人陶醉的時尚形象及百變的潮流特別着迷。於香港知專設計學院畢業後,胡嘉峰亦於倫敦藝術大學-倫敦時裝學院完成了時尚形象創作及推廣(榮譽)文學士課程,進修時裝與形象設計。為實踐理念,不論課程空餘的時間或假期,他更積極爭取實習生的工作機會,並曾於Polo Ralph Lauren、Tory Burch及Elle magazine工作,現於《Elle》香港版任職助理編輯,從工作中獲得不少機會到外地工幹,如巴黎、米蘭及紐約等地看時裝騷和拍攝時裝片,另外更可與設計師、超模與明星做專訪,把自己的所見所聞以紙媒和網媒等平台一併分享給讀者們。

Yuen Hoi Yan, Quin

Higher Diploma in Fashion Design and Branding, Graduated in 2013

Quin Yuen, Fashion & Beauty Reporter of Oriental Daily & on.cc. Her journalist career began since 2014. Her major role includes the creation of daily fashion & beauty news, from brainstorming to photo shooting. She has gained much knowledge in in fashion industry while studying in HD in Fashion Design & Branding and the degree programme of London College of Fashion. This experience has helped her to land in the ideal job in the fashion media field. As the digital generation, she was so glad to learn how to develop video creation during BA degree of London College of Fashion in HKDI.

CHAN Wing Lam, Rosie

Higher Diploma in Fashion Image Design (Fashion Styling), Graduated in 2014

Rosie Chan is now working as a Fashion Editor & Stylist in Local Magazine and Publishing. Product Fashion Art shooting and visual aesthetic experiment. Believes that vision is belongs to who dare to discovery the beauty inside every creatures.

LIN Michelle

Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, Graduated in 2015

Lin Michelle finished BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University after graudated from HKDI. She believes fashion design is unlimited and it is an expression of art.  Michelle is brave in innovating, most of her designs are related to surrealism and 3D texture. Her original prints are impressive. Through her creativity, she hopes to mix Hong Kong characteristics in her upcoming collection and promote Hong Kong culture.

NG Ho In, Hoping

Higher Diploma in International Fashion Business (Visual Merchandising), Graduated in 2015

Hoping Ng has won 1st runner up in Miffy x 2% window display competition during her study. She is now working as Visual Merchandiser in I.T apparel Limited.
吳皓妍曾參加Miffy x 2%所舉辦的櫥窗設計比賽並得到第二名。現於香港時裝品牌I.T任職陳列設計師.

TSANG Che Fung, Darren

Higher Diploma in fashion design, Graduated in 2015
時裝設計高級文憑,畢業於2015 年

"Clothes have an amazing power to transform a person’s image and perception." Darren Tsang is a Fashion Designer. He developed his interest in garments and fashion from he was a child . He learnt thread and needles from his grandmother. His designs focus on chic evening gowns, a type of dress he thinks is the best to highlights a womans' curved silhouette. His inspiration comes from people whom he loves: he dedicates his designs to his mother who has a natural love for beauty.

CHOI Hung Shing, Wlison

Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, Graduted in 2016

Wlison graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute , now he is studying for a BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University. The graduation collection Ŗ/3", which combined the elements of fashion with technology successfully obtained "Create Smart Young Design Talent Special Award" from Hong Kong Design Center as well as famous fashion design competition "China Women's Wear Design Competition", won the finals runner-up. In addition, he was declared a winner of Children' wear category in the 2015 Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition. Also, he was awarded HKSAR Government Scholarship as well as Dr Ng Tat-lun Memorial Outstanding Students Award Scholarship 2016.

LAM Kin Yan 

Higher Diploma in Fashion Design (Knitwear Design) , Graduated in 2016

Lam Kin Yan graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute, now he is studying for a BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University. Kinyan uses fashion to express himself and influence the others. He believes that the development process is far more important than the result. He carefully considers the material uses and handling the design technique in his design. He likes to face different challenges in and keep on exploring the new possibilities.


Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, graduated in 2016

Wong Lai Yu graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute , now she is studying for a BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University. Wong Lai Yu's goal is to create best designs that will give energy and surprise for those whom like dressing up. She hopes her design can become an inspiring force within fashion.