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Il Jung Lee

Expertise: Accessories Design

Ms Il Jung Lee, creative director of Feverish Workshop, A Famous Korean Jewellery Designer, The exposure to multiple cultures, lifestyles and trends became a significant source of infinite creativity that is well expressed in her work. Her aim is to “inspire” the world through her pieces of creation
Il Jung Lee是Feverish Workshop的創作總監,是一名出色的配飾設計師,從她的作品可發現不同的文化,生活與潮流以無限的創意方式表達。她的目標是要透過她的創作啟發世界。

Jay Cheng

Brand: Jaycow Millinery
Expertise: Bespoke Milliner
品牌:Jaycow Millinery

Ms. Jaycow Cheng, a renewed handcrafted bespoke and ready-to-wear millinery designer in Hong Kong, conducted a series of workshops to our HD in Fashion Image Design students. Ms. Cheng has over 18-year experiences in fashion styling, with 10-year experiences working in millinery design. Much of her work involves working with celebrities and performers in the stage and film art industries.
Jaycow Cheng 是一位香港手工定製帽飾設計師,她為時裝及形象設計高級文憑的學生舉辦了一系列的工作坊。Jaycow Cheng擁有超過十八年的時裝形象設計經驗,以及超過十年的帽飾設計經驗,不少作品均與名人、舞台表演者及,電影藝術界合作。

Paulene Hsia

Expertise: Fashion Business, Fashion Retail Management and Branding

Ms Paulene Hsia has more than 15 years’ tertiary teaching experience in the area of fashion business. She is specialized in Fashion Retailing & Management and Fashion Branding, and has participated in and contributed to the development process of new programmes, subjects and syllabuses at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has strong industry network and had initiated collaborations with major fashion retailers and organizations such as Lane Crawford, Joyce and Esquel to conceptualise and establish exhibitions and competitions for students.
Paulene Hsia小姐擁有超過十五年時裝商務專上教育的經驗。專長是時裝零售及管理與時裝品牌策劃,她同時亦有參與香港理工大學新課程的發展。Paulene Hsia小姐亦有與Lane Crawford, Joyce and Esquel等時裝零售品牌合作,為學生提供展覽及比賽的機會。 

Matthew Miller, Fashion Designer, UK (Workshop of Visiting Fellow-Matthew Miller)

Matthew Miller, a world famous menswear designer, conducted a work shop to Fashion Design students on his design philosophy of balancing manufacturing values by utilising an artistic approach in his insights to discussing collection as well as European market condition and development.

Julian Roberts, Prof. from Royal College of Arts (RCA), UK (Julian Roberts- Substraction Cutting)

Prof. Julian Roberts is a world class fashion designer and MA Textiles Professor at the Royal College of Art, UK. He gave his first master-class and workshop in HKDI on his garment construction method called ‘Subtraction Cutting’ that is internationally renowned for its uniqueness.

Prof. Clemens Thornquist Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås (Master Class by Prof. Clemens Thornquist)

Prof. Clemens Thornquist, expert of the National Evaluation of Art and Design programs from Sweden, gave a Master lecture to our students in October 2015 on how to shift focus on fashion design methodology where he also proposed several hypotheses on aesthetic principles.